Strategic Planning

What to Expect: 
The New Jersey Credit Union League offers experienced and qualified professionals to facilitate your strategic planning session. The first phase is a discovery period to gain more intimate knowledge of your credit union and discuss expectations of the session. 

In the second phase, we will facilitate the preplanning questionnaire to your Board, management and staff (if applicable). Additionally, peer benchmarking analysis will be completed.

The day of the session is the third phase and can be set for as little as 5 hours to two days of facilitation services. You can expect a presentation, which will include findings from the second phase and industry trends, to guide your credit union through the Strategic Planning Process. 

Finally, your facilitator will collect all of the data and provide a final plan for your approval!

Optional Services: 

  • Foundation Building Session
    This will allow a session to define your core purpose, mission statement, and core values.
  • Online Membership Survey
    Survey development and facilitation to collect date on your members and their needs as it relates to aligning strategic priorities.  Additionally, a detailed survey analysis is available.
  • Follow-Up Sessions
    The most critical part of your strategic plan is to be sure that it is put into action. Follow-up session assist with the validation and accountability of your credit union’s success.

For more information, contact Robin Brunner at or call 1-800-792-8861 ext. 124.