Private Student Loans

Private student loans help lenders attract students and families looking for ways to finance the full cost of college education beyond federal aid. Private student loans have low default rates, are mostly co-signed, and offer stable returns to lenders. Join lenders that are running and growing their digital loan businesses without having to build their own platforms. Private student loans allow lenders to diversify their portfolios and establish relationships with creditworthy borrowers at the beginning of their credit journey.

The Lending Opportunity

  • $10 billion annual opportunity
  • Asset is not dischargeable in bankruptcy
  • School certified amount
  • Disbursed direct to school

The Borrower and Loan

  • Average LendKey lender partner balance is over $11k
  • 94% cosigned
  • $85k average cosigner income
  • 7.0% gross yield
  • Fixed-rate terms (10 and 15 year) and variable rate terms (5,10, and 15 year) available
  • 40% serialization (returning borrower) rate
  • Grow loan volume through your customer base or access loan participations diversified across the country

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Jim Hindenach
LendKey Technologies, Inc.
Senior Executive