cuBIZloan Connection is a collaborative program for CrossState members to assist with connections for member business lending and servicing needs. There are three different solutions:

  • Referral Credit Union – A turnkey solution that allows CrossState credit unions to refer business loans to a Lead Lender Credit Union. Here are some benefits:
    • Generate non-interest income, based on the amount funded
    • No portfolio risk
    • Access to new deposits opportunities
    • Commercial/Member Business Services Website – Credit union branded online presence that serves as a marketing tool to process referrals to the program. This turnkey solution includes design, maintenance and hosting
    • Dedicated Phone Number to a Commercial Lending Resource Center – A line of support to handle inbound calls from employees, members and prospects and act as the credit union relationship manager
    • Commercial Lending Resource Center Support – The Resource Center will support the application stage, prescreen and facilitation of the referral to a lead lender credit union
    • Very low cost entry fee
  • Lead Lender Credit Union - Solution for CrossState credit unions that would like to accept referred loans from outside their own program, thus making the Lead Lender responsible for completing the underwriting process and closing the business/commercial loan. Here are some benefits of a Lead Lender:
    • Loan Growth
    • Fee Income
    • Lead Lenders can also opt to portfolio the whole loan or sell a portion back to the Participation Credit Unions in the network
  • Participation Credit Union - Solution to allow CrossState credit unions to portfolio a portion of the loan. There are also additional participation options through the cuBIZloan Connection.

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Other Member Business Lending Services Available