SHERPA® Identity Protection delivers top technology for identity theft protection and restoration services—providing peace of mind for your members and recurring non-interest income potential for credit unions. SHERPA® equips your members with the tools they need to protect their personal information. Should their identity be compromised, they will have access to SHERPA’s certified identity theft restoration specialists.

Whether you are looking to provide additional value and peace of mind for membership, or create a new revenue stream through a turnkey marketing program, a partnership with SHERPA® can help you achieve your goals.

Why Choose SHERPA® Identity Protection?
The vulnerability of personal information has increased exponentially—even the IRS is prone to attack.  As consumers increase their comfort level with mobile payments, e-commerce, and data sharing, identity management becomes down right difficult.  Evidence of this… identity theft remains the top FTC consumer complaint.

Of the more than 70 million American adults that had their personal data compromised in 2014,
12.7 million became an identity theft victim—that’s a new victim every 2 seconds!

Offering the Right Identity Protection Solution is Critical
Not all services are created equal.  Consumers are looking for a solution that offers more than simply monitoring credit information to effectively manage the growing risk of becoming an identity theft victim, and are gravitating towards solutions that offer the greatest breadth of services.

Paid subscribers want a solution that provides proactive monitoring of all personally identifiable information—credit and non-credit monitoring, internet surveillance monitoring, social security trace, public records, change of address, etc.—as well as access to full service identity theft restoration specialists.

SHERPA® Technology/Services

  • The engine behind SHERPA® is a leading technology provider of identity theft protection services
  • Using proprietary software—Digital Ally—for internet surveillance monitoring
  • Members choose between three levels of protection.
  • All protection levels include:
    • Ongoing credit monitoring and alerts
    • Credit Score
    • 24/7 internet surveillance
    • Social security number trace
    • Full service restoration and lost wallet services
    • Identity theft insurance:  $1 million, $0 deductible
  • Additional features include single or tri-bureau credit reports, court records monitoring, change of address reporting, sex offender listings and non-credit/pay day loan monitoring.
  • Marketing Support
  • A turnkey marketing program is available to include a complete launch kit from in-branch promotion, web/email graphics and suggested copy.

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