NJCUL Services Corporation Launches Vendor Guide for Credit Unions to Easily Find Solutions

HIGHTSTOWN, N.J. – The NJCUL Services Corporation now has an easy-to-use Vendor Guide that allows  credit unions to easily find and compare products, services, and solutions.

Categories include ATM services, business lending, insurance, strategic planning, ALM, branding, mortgage services, IT security, Web site design, human resources, and much more.

When searching a category, all vendors who offer solutions of that kind will appear in search results with a brief synopsis of the company and its offerings. Credit unions can easily compare different vendors who offer the services they are looking for.

They can then click through to a full description to get a bigger picture, contact information, and links to more information.

“Having vendors easily searchable by what they offer gives our credit unions a one-stop-shop to find exactly what they need,” said NJCUL Services Corporation Chairman and NJCUL President/CEO David Frankil. “Instead of sorting through pages of Google results, they can quickly pinpoint a select group that meets their needs. It’s also a great way for credit unions to see our vetted Business Partners and vendors.”

All NJCUL Services Corporation Business Partners are listed, as well as other vendors that subscribe to the service. Vendor descriptions indicate a Business Partner status, and whether a firm has gone through the NJCUL Services Corporation vetting process.

Access the Vendor Guide today!

For more information on the Vendor Guide and NJCUL Services Business Partners, contact Ms. Robin Brunner, SVP Credit Union Solutions, at rbrunner@njcul.org.