Bryce Jackson
Email: bjackson@ccua.org
Phone: 888-746-2476, Ext 2.

MemberClose is a Web-based Equity Lending solution brought to the New Jersey Credit Union marketplace through the New Jersey Credit Union League.  This program was originally developed in 2004 and has continually grown since then, both in size and scope.  MemberClose is a for credit unions only program already being utilized by more than 20 credit unions in New Jersey and more than 170 credit unions across 14 states. 

Utilizing a bundled services approach, this platform delivers everything necessary to process and close an equity loan in virtually every state in the nation.  Credit unions can customize the end program using only the services it needs on a loan-by-loan basis:

  • Flood Certifications utilizing cascading technologies(4 Vendors)
  • Three levels of Valuation Products designed to meet the New Appraisal Regulations. These include:
    • AVM's (10 Vendors)
    • Full Appraisal Reports from multiple National Appraisal Management firms,
    • Gap valuations (hybrid appraisals)
  • Credit Reporting, through three major repositories
  • Title Searches and Alternative Lien products
  • Complete and Compliant Loan Documentation, both Initial Disclosures and Closing for all 50 states
  • Closing and Recording Services
  • Many other ancillary services that support your equity lending unit.
  • Suite of 1st mortgage services

You can experience, first hand, the power of MemberClose, contact us for a live web  demonstration with either of the contacts above.