Who we are:

LSC’s purpose is to help credit unions compete and to provide credit unions with a favorable operating environment and quality information, products and services, which have value, and which enable credit unions to exist, compete and prosper in the financial marketplace.



  • Credit Cards

  • Debit Cards

  • EZ Launch
  • Everyday Spend Cards (Reloadable)

  • Gift Cards (Non-reloadable)

  • TravelMoney Cards (Reloadable)

  • NewGen Cards - The NewGen Card is a reloadable prepaid card, so teenagers can make purchases without borrowing a card from mom or dad or having to carry cash. Parents enjoy peace of mind knowing their cards and accounts are secure, while being able to monitor their teens card usage online.

Contact Us:
Matthew Rhodes
National Sales Director
T: 800-942-7124  X 5903
F: 630-983-3460 
M: 518-224-8133
E: matthew.rhodes@lsc.net



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